JCB supported snow festival in Japan

Feb 28, 2019

Sapporo (Japan), Feb 28 (ANI): “Sapporo Snow Festival”, is one of the well-known annual winter events in that is held in Sapporo city in Japan. Tourists from around the world gather to witness this event that showcases unique snow arts. The number of tourists coming to Hokkaido is increasing with each passing year and “JCB” which is one of the original credit card companies in Japan that is offering large number of preferential services for foreign members. “DAIMARU” is one of the most popular department stores in Sapporo city. A credit card company, JCB is currently running a campaign called “Lucky Draw Campaign!” at Tax Refund Counter for international JCB members. Customers have the chance to earn JCB gift cards worth up to 20,000 yen or other prizes, on spends worth 20,000 yen using their JCB card in Japan. Rera Outlet Mall in Chitose city is another spot in Hokkaido that provides special offers for JCB customers. By spending more than 3000 yen using the JCB card at any outlet in Rera mall, customers can win a voucher for a doughnut from Krispy Kream. The voucher is valid at any Krispy Kream outlet inside the mall and can be exchanged with for one Donut. “Satsudora” is another other outlet where customers can enjoy discounts of upto 2% with their JCB credit cards. Inbound tourism in Japan has been thriving year by year. Japanese Credit Card companies come out with multiple reward programs to ensure international tourists enjoy a reasonable travel during their stay.