US flies strategic bombers over Middle East

Jan 28, 2021

US flies strategic bombers over Middle East

Washington (US), January 28: The United States has flown B-52 long-range strategic bombers over the Middle East in a mission aimed at deterring potential aggression in the region, US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a press release on Wednesday.
CENTCOM said the "defensive" mission aimed to showcase the US military's ability to rapidly deploy air power anywhere in the word "to deter potential aggression" and to demonstrate Washington's commitment to the region's security.
During the mission, the B-52s were accompanied by F-15E and F-16 jet fighters, as well as KC-10 and KC-135 tankers, the release said.
CENTCOM has stepped up its sorties over the Middle East since last fall in what senior military officials have reportedly said are missions aimed at deterring Iran. Wednesday's mission was the first since President Joe Biden took office on 20 January.
Source: Sputnik