'Tough years ahead': German prez marks 75-year-old constitution

May 24, 2024

'Tough years ahead': German prez marks 75-year-old constitution

Berlin [Germany], May 24: German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on citizens to defend freedom and democracy during a ceremony marking the entry into force of the country's constitution and the founding of the modern federal republic 75 years ago.
"Our democracy is a resilient one," Steinmeier said during the speech delivered in Berlin's government district.
"I am certain of one thing: we are living in testing times. Rough, even tougher years lie ahead of us. The answer to this cannot and must not be faint-heartedness or self-doubt." Steinmeier warned of threats to democracy, such as the threat posed by Russia.
No one knows when Russian President Vladimir Putin's hunger for power will be satisfied, the president said. "We must do more for our security. We must invest in our defence. We need to strengthen our alliance. And we need the financial means to do so."He also mentioned climate change, social security and the economic crisis as key issues that could trigger new conflicts in society.
"We will not have fewer disputes in the coming years, perhaps more. The battle for financial resources will become tougher, and with it, of course, the dispute over what is important," he said. Steinmeier called on the democratic parties to work together where the common good is affected or threatened. "The unity of democrats is needed when democracy is challenged." The German constitution, or Basic Law, came into force on May 23, 1949, which is also the founding date of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Source: Qatar Tribune