Time for U.S. to deal with domestic weaknesses first: expert

Sep 20, 2021

Time for U.S. to deal with domestic weaknesses first: expert

Washington (US), September 20: The key to building more harmonious economic relations is to recognize that China's development will not threaten the well-being of the West, and "it may be time for the United States to focus on economic policy at home first," a nonpartisan international affairs think tank said in a recent article.
In a commentary on the website of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Thursday, Yukon Huang, a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program, said that the U.S.-China trade conflict launched by the United States has not brought major economic wins to either country.
Despite pleas from the U.S. business community to ease tensions, U.S. President Joe Biden, so far, has amplified his predecessor's policies by strengthening anti-China alliances and implementing additional sanctions, said the article.
"The challenge now is to move away from a self-defeating cold war by working within the international economic system to arbitrate and moderate tensions," Huang said.
If the United States wants to "preserve its technological and moral authority, it must first deal with economic and political weaknesses at home," noted Huang, adding that complaining about China's "unfair policies" will not be useful.
Source: Xinhua