Surya Concepts, a catering service providing gluten-free and vegan food

May 04, 2021

Surya Concepts, a catering service providing gluten-free and vegan food

New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI/Heylin Spark): Surya Concepts operate 100 per cent gluten-free, artificial color, flavor, and preservative-free, vegan, zero waste dark kitchens services, B2B supplies, and B2C essentials and non-essential kitchen supplies.
Surya concepts are the firm that practices Ayurveda and the "BoMiSo" methodology. They believe that every meal that we have should be effective for both the mind and body. An effective mind, body, and soul enriches the society around us.
Cakes and pantry items have high sugar concentration which is not at all good for health. Surya concepts are completely different from normal bakeries or pantry services. Its mission is to bring healthy foods in a tasty way. Unlike all other pantry brands, Surya Concepts provide healthier foods that are refined sugar-free with amazing, mouth-watering flavors.

Their services promise to always prepare fresh food and drink, slow-cooked and use only organically grown products where possible. There's this one thing that needs to be appreciated which is they try to uplift farmers by using local and organic products rather than foreign products or goods. 98% of the ingredients are all indigenous to India including many fresh vegetables and fruits grown on their rooftops and personal farms.
They sell their food on their online store and also on Zomato. With Surya concepts, you don't have to search for food options that have good taste. It is because their food tastes great and also healthier. Gluten-free food helps in better digestion, reduced chronic inflammation, and boosts energy. It is common that most people avoid cakes and pantry foods when following a healthy diet to avoid fats. But Surya Concepts is completely the opposite. You can have cakes from Surya concepts and still lose weight as they provide gluten-free food. And gluten-free food helps in weight reduction. Which means you can have cakes and still lose weight.
Their menu includes various types of dairy alternatives such as vegan and gluten-free cheeses, mylks, brownies, and bread. And their stores are spread over various states like Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Dharmasala and they are also planning to open 6 stores across Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida.
Isa Barao and Raahuul Kapoor are the founders of Surya Concepts. Isa Barao started changing her lifestyle. Raahuul Kapoor has launched various business ventures. Together they are trying to help society habituate to new healthy, guilt-free, and indulgent recipes.
With their healthier innovations, the founders of Surya Concepts are fulfilling most people's wishes to eat cakes who can't do so due to health issues. Not only fulfilling the wishes of those with health issues but they are also helping people in preventing health issues by supplying healthy food.
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