Skincare brand Myra Veda launches 'Milk Therapy Hair Oil' to fight Androgenic Alopecia

Nov 25, 2021

Skincare brand Myra Veda launches 'Milk Therapy Hair Oil' to fight Androgenic Alopecia

New Delhi [India], November 25 (ANI/ThePRTree): Skincare and wellness brand, Myra Veda Luxury Essentials has launched its new product 'Milk Therapy Hair Oil' to help people suffering from Androgenic Alopecia.
This concentrated natural formula is made waterless to promote hair growth naturally. The concoction contains Ayurvedic botanicals like Bhringraj, Amla, Anjana, Gunjamoola, Indigo, Karnasphota, Liquorice and more hair-loving herbs slow heated to infuse with buffalo milk, cow milk, goat milk, and coconut milk in sesame oil.
These are finally blended with Essential Oils of English Lavender, Rosemary, and Australian Tea Tree.
Myra Veda's Milk Therapy Hair Oil naturally increases blood flow when applied to the scalp so that the hair follicles receive nutrition and oxygen supply to prevent hair loss. It strengthens hair follicles/hair roots, reduces hair loss by ensuring lesser hair breakage, and increases circulation as poor scalp microcirculation is one of the main causes of Alopecia.
Talking about the product, the Founder of Myra Veda Luxury Essentials, Eesha Bhatia said, "We have been having slight trouble because every time our Milk Therapy Hair Oil becomes available, it quickly goes out of stock as customers buy up to 10 bottles together. We're working on ensuring that our supply matches the demand and might start pre-booking the oil if this continues. I can understand why it is loved so much, I personally vouch for it as it saved me from balding a few years ago. Even today I don't wash my hair without a head massage with this oil."
The hair fall control oil by Myra Veda is a Natural DHT blocker that prevents follicle aging and atrophy caused by Dihydrotestosterone that is commonly known as DHT, a chemical derivative of testosterone that plays a major role in hair loss in men and women.
Excess DHT accumulates on the hair follicles, blocking them from receiving adequate nourishment for healthy hair growth. Therefore, the hair oil works its best way to provide all the essential nourishment to the hair and scalp.
According to experts, the oil must be used twice to thrice a week depending on the hair wash schedule by being massaged into the scalp for at least 20 minutes. It should be kept on for one hour before the wash. Good results start showing with continuous and consecutive usage for at least 35 to 40 times, after which baby hair start growing, an increase in the diameter of the hair shaft is witnessed, and it contributes to a fuller-looking scalp.
The product's immaculate benefits are owing to extremely potent natural herbs, milk, roots, barks, leaves, flowers, petals, seeds, extracts, and essential oils concocted to perfection.
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