Purush Aayog NGO Honors Men on International Men's Day with Prestigious iMD Awards

Nov 20, 2023

Purush Aayog NGO Honors Men on International Men's Day with Prestigious iMD Awards

New Delhi [India], November 20: Purush Aayog NGO, a pioneering organization dedicated to addressing men's issues, celebrated International Men's Day with grandeur and recognition at the Constitution Club of India on November 19, 2023. The event, marked by the iMD Awards, aimed to honor outstanding men who have made significant contributions to society across various fields.
The iMD Awards ceremony, held from 11 am to 2 pm, saw the esteemed presence of notable personalities, including Chief Guest Kanta Kardam, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). The event provided a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional achievements of men who have excelled in their respective domains.
The theme for this year at Purush Aayog is "United for Men's Welfare." The theme for this year's International Men's Day celebrated by Purush Aayog is "United for Men's Welfare": Addressing Social, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual aspects.
In embracing this theme, Purush Aayog highlights the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing and advocating for men's welfare. The focus is on fostering a collective effort to recognize and address the challenges faced by men, promoting a more inclusive and supportive societal framework. "United for Men's Welfare" emphasizes the need for a shared commitment to advancing men's rights, well-being, and equal consideration in societal discourse. Through this theme, Purush Aayog aims to inspire a sense of solidarity and collaboration among individuals and organizations dedicated to championing the cause of men's welfare.
The distinguished awardees of the iMD Awards 2023 included people from various fields such as Yogeshwar Dutt - Olympic Medalist and Indian Wrestler, Lt Gen (Retd.) Sanjay Kulkarni - DG Infantry, Avadh Ojha - Educationist and UPSC Coach, Dr. Mohsin Wali - Padma Shri Cardiologist, Abhijit Iyer Mitra - Defence Economist, Vivek Narayan Sharma - Advocate, Supreme Court, and Amartya Talukdar - Men's Rights Activist.

Barkha Trehan, Founder and President of Purush Aayog NGO, expressed her thoughts on International Men's Day, saying, "Today, we salute the resilience, achievements, and contributions of men to society. International Men's Day is not just a celebration but a reminder to address the challenges faced by men. It's time to create a more inclusive dialogue on gender issues."
The Chief Guest, Kanta Kardam, M.P. (Rajya Sabha), lauded the efforts of Purush Aayog NGO in recognizing the noteworthy endeavors of men and emphasized the importance of a balanced perspective in discussions surrounding gender-related matters.
Purush Aayog NGO's dedication to advancing gender equality and creating a culture that values and celebrates men's accomplishments was highlighted at the iMD Awards ceremony. The organisation is still working to build a society in which men's and women's problems are given equal attention. The CURSE Of Manhood is a documentary film Directed and Produced by Barkha Trehan. It chronicles the unheard cries for justice of Indian men implicated in false cases by women who misused the very laws made for their protection.

The documentary showcases first person accounts of victims tormented by abuse of legal provisions by women. This is an attempt to tell the stories of men whose pleas fell on deaf ears.
Purush Aayog NGO is a leading organization dedicated to addressing men's issues and promoting gender equality. Through advocacy, awareness, and recognition initiatives, Purush Aayog NGO aims to create a society that acknowledges and supports the well-being and contributions of men.
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