MCM Academy completes 12 years of Distance and Online Education

Aug 17, 2022

MCM Academy completes 12 years of Distance and Online Education

New Delhi [India], August 17 (ANI/SRV): MCM Academy, India's leading distance and online education brand, is proud to announce that it has completed 12 years in Distance and Online Education. The company has been a pioneer in the sector and has grown from strength to strength, offering a wide range of educational programs through innovative delivery systems. The institution has successfully completed 12 years of providing quality education to students from across India, both in Distance and online mode, as well as students from different parts of the world who are looking for quality education at an affordable price.
With a network of over 75 colleges/institutions and courseware from top Universities/institutes spread across the world and designed by highly qualified faculty members, MCM Academy has been a true pioneer in the field of distance and online education.
MCM Academy provides an ideal destination for everyone to know everything about distance education in India. The following are some of the top services offered by MCM Academy:
- MCM Academy is the only unbiased online portal for distant learning in India that works to increase transparency in the sector.
- MCM Academy provided counselling to 2 lakh students who started higher education during the second wave of the pandemic and while the country was under lockdown.
- It is the first online platform for distance learning courses created in the history of the Indian educational system.
- MCM Academy does not offer prejudiced career advice and does not engage in paid advertising.
- The portal serves as a one-stop shop for all questions students have and connects them with the universities of their choice.
- As a neutral website, MCM Academy does not favour one ODL university over another.
- Additionally, it offers programmes for developing new skills.
- For their online distribution, a number of international colleges have partnered with MCM Academy.
- Students are able to enrol in a variety of UG and PG Degree Programs, including MBA, because of video counselling, telephone guidance, and WhatsApp sessions.
In addition to offering services, MCM Academy also provides a variety of benefits to students. The MCM Academy staff is continuously available to provide their expert services, which we have listed below. The following list of guaranteed benefits and services is available to students:-
- Get education counselling with a highly qualified counsellor
- Receive consistent updates on UGC-DEB notices
- Academicians are available for in-person career advising upon request.
- Get free access to extra classes for developing your skills.
- Obtain access to a highly qualified industry expert
- Invitation to webinars and workshops for career development.
- Access to Lifetime Placement Support Cells
It is a very gratifying accomplishment for MCM Academy, as it was incepted after the first COVID wave in 2020 and has since solidified its hold on the ODL Education genre. Currently, MCM Academy lists more than 75 online and distance learning institutions that have received approval from the DEB and UGC (Distance Education Bureau).
Usha Bisht, the CEO of MCM Academy, expressed his delight with the present milestone by saying: "I wanted to create a platform that is free and unbiased so that it can be used by anyone and each one that is looking for the best university and its various crucial factors. Distance and Online Education is now growing immensely in the country, but still, it is not getting equal recognition amongst the students and working professionals."

The MCM Academy Compare function is currently being developed by MCM Academy. Students can independently compare all ODL courses and colleges based on approvals, fees, learning management systems, curricula, placement assistance, faculty, and alumni connections using this function. By doing away with the intermediaries, the Compare Feature gives students the power to select their favourite university.
In this regard, MCM Academy's Academic Head Kuldeep Kumar states in a statement that "MCM Academy's goal is to become India's largest Online & Distance Education Aggregator. This portal's unique and unbiased idea is that we created a compare feature, which allows students to assess all of the colleges and universities that offer valid distance and online education."
Apart from the website, MCM Academy is active on all social media platforms. In order for students to fully comprehend a variety of crucial subjects, courses, and universities/institutes, MCM Academy frequently posts videos on its YouTube channel. One platform where MCM Academy has made a huge impact is YouTube where it works to remove all myths and misconceptions regarding online education.
The main objective behind the establishment of MCM Academy was to provide for students who couldn't pay the high college costs but want a quality higher education that would boost their professional careers.
Completing 12 years as India's leading distance and online education brand is a great achievement for MCM Academy. We are very proud of this feat and we hope to continue our growth in the coming years.
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