Dhruvisha Group launches initiatives towards creating sustainable surroundings

Sep 21, 2021

Dhruvisha Group launches initiatives towards creating sustainable surroundings

New Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI/ATK): Under the supervision of the leading Contracting and Consultancy Group Dhruvisha HVAC, a young individual Vrisha Dharmesh Sheth launched two new initiatives for the development of society.
The initiatives named 'Plantable Pencil Movement' and '141 Sustainable Skills Drive' are one-of-their-kind that help in creating a sustainable society aiming towards excellence.
In the 'Plantable Pencil Movement', the Group is urging individuals to use pencil stubs that can be planted when they are too short to write with. This gives it a new lease on life, instead of being thrown away, and the pencil becomes a symbol of sustainability. Sustainability means using natural resources in a way that we could keep doing for a long time. Industries can be more sustainable by reducing the use of natural resources. The whole concept is that the use of this pencil doesn't end when it is reduced to a stub, instead, a new life begins from it in the way of a plant.
At present times, it is very necessary to create an environment that is suitable for an individual to live in and Vrisha has been successful in doing this in past years. Having a major in biology, Vrisha Dharmesh Sheth said, "I believe it is important to do your bit to help make the world a greener, cleaner & better place to live."
Another initiative, 141 Sustainable Skills Drive is a project that is being fulfilled by Live to Inspire charitable trust and the United first initiative. United First with the support of the Dhruvisha group has set a vision of adopting 50,000 students and providing them with the best quality digital education.
Under this initiative, more than 25000 minutes of high-quality courses are available for young students to become equipped with practical skills, which include - Microsoft Office, C- programming, java programming, AutoCAD, English learning modules, animation, mobile programming, security, working online, operating system guides, database, useful computer skills, online services, business skill. Learning these skills will help the child get good jobs and be self-sufficient as well as an innovator in the competitive world.
With the surge in global warming, it is now necessary to look into the initiative that contributes to the improvement of the environment. Not just one needs to care about the environment but should definitely focus on motivating and upskilling the youth around the world.
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