Website ranks the 101 best pizzas in America

Sep 16, 2020

Website ranks the 101 best pizzas in America

Washington (USA) September 16: Sauce, cheese, dough, crust, toppings and grease. We all like pizza.
Whether for a college cram sesh or after a long day of work what's more American than a hot cheesy slice? (Not apple pie.)
Now, a website has ranked the 101 best pizzas in America. Some of the pies are basic and others are topped creatively.
#86 Slab (Portland, Maine) features spicy meat with red pepper sauce.
#59 Mother Bear's Pizza (Bloomington, Indiana) serves the Divine Swine with imported pepperoni, ground sausage, Hoosier ham and smoked bacon.
#53 The Missing Brick (Indianapolis, Indiana) could win with originality: The Trap Pizza comes with shrimp, crab, mozzarella, a special Young Bae Spice, fresh parsley, green onion and "O.G. Garlic Herb Trap Buttah."
#49 Scarr's (New York City, New York) is so Manhattan the whole city stands in lines down the block just for a slice.
#15 Paulie Gee's (Brooklyn, New York) offers 30 wood-fired pizzas, eight of which are vegan.
But who won?
#1 Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (New Haven, Conn.), known as one of the greatest old-school restaurants of all time, won with the coal-fired White Clam Pizza featuring fresh clams, grated pecorino romano, garlic, oregano and olive oil.
Take a road trip, enjoy America, and eat them all!
Source: Fox News