Washington, DC liquor stores sell more champagne after Trump loss than on last two New Years combined

Nov 09, 2020

Washington, DC liquor stores sell more champagne after Trump loss than on last two New Years combined

Washington DC (USA) Nov 9: Liquor stores in Washington, D.C. reported a spike in champagne sales after Joe Biden was projected to win the U.S. presidential election, according to a report by Newsweek.
People took to the streets following the announcement from major news outlets. Fox News reporters compared the celebrations to New Year's Eve in multiple cities, complete with champagne bottles.
Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert covered the gathering on Saturday, noting that "There was one report more bottles of champagne were sold in D.C. today than on some New Years'. We saw people poppin' bottles and spraying the crowd all afternoon. And you can see that guy with a bottle of champagne right over there."
Multiple liquor stores across the nation's capital claim that they sold more champagne in the 12 hours of celebrations following Biden's projected win than they did in any previous holiday.
Two drug store chains confirmed to Newsweek that there was a "deluge" of Biden supporters purchasing champagne on Saturday.
Empty champagne bottles can be seen strewn across the streets in media photos. Social media videos show sprays in the air as people gathered outside of the white house.
"Poppin' bottles of champagne near the White House. Thousands celebrate Joe Biden being elected the 46th President of the United States," tweeted NBC D.C. reporter Shomari Stone, covering the raucous pro-Biden partying in Black Lives Matter Plaza just north of the White House.
Andrew Beaujon of The Washingtonian joked that in 2020 he had been "sprayed with tear gas and champagne in the same spot," referring to Lafayette Park.
President Donald Trump's loss sparked similar celebrations in New York City, where upwards of 8,000 people gathered in Times Square to celebrate.
Fox News correspondent Alex Hogan similarly remarked that Times Square on Saturday night more resembled New Year's Eve, rather than the empty streets that have been common during the coronavirus.
An unnamed employee at the Times Square Krispy Kreme store told Fox Business that the store had been busy on Saturday - likely the best day of business the store had seen all year.
Source: Fox News