Washington DC braces for election-related turmoil

Oct 30, 2020

Washington DC braces for election-related turmoil

Washington (US), Oct 30: Businesses in the US capital of Washington D.C. are preparing for the possibility of post-election unrest with only a few days to go before Election Day.
US President Donald Trump and his Democratic contender Joe Biden are locked in a fierce last-minute battle to win the White House.
There is growing concern that there could be turmoil, whoever wins. Various organizations are planning demonstrations, raising fears that some people may plot destructive activities.
In the business district of central Washington, workers were seen covering all the windows on the first floors of buildings with wooden boards.
In May, restaurants and shops near the White House had their windows broken or had their premises set alight during demonstrations to protest racial discrimination.
The manager of a restaurant near the White House said she will do all she can to protect the property.
Source: NHK World