Warner Bros. is sharing 'Tenet' box office numbers on a weekly basis amid uncertain COVID-19 future

Sep 14, 2020

Warner Bros. is sharing 'Tenet' box office numbers on a weekly basis amid uncertain COVID-19 future

Washington DC (USA) Sep 14: With the pandemic still present and keeping many movie theaters throughout the country shuttered, current box office numbers are far from normal.
This has caused Warner Bros. Pictures to allegedly hold off on reporting its ticket sales for the Christopher Nolan-directed action film "Tenet," according to Variety.
The movie was released in select U.S. theaters on Thursday, Sept. 3, but Warner Bros. released its opening weekend box office numbers on Sunday, Sept. 6 -- which amounted to around $20 million.
"Industry observers" speculated that Warner Bros.' delay in box office reporting could be a tactic to bolster its domestic gross figures, Variety reports.
Pre-COVID, movie studios typically released box office numbers daily.
However, given the unique and challenging landscape of the movie theater industry, Warner Bros. Pictures has switched to reporting weekly box office numbers.
Including the film's international release, "Tenet" has garnered $207 million worldwide, according to current figures from Warner Bros. Pictures. And that only includes the 40-plus international territories "Tenet" was released in.
Warner Bros. has plans to release the movie in 30 other international territories in the next few weeks, including Japan and Mexico.
Domestically, the film has garnered $29.5 million since its release, according to the same box office data.
"Tenet" was originally meant for release in theaters on July 17. The state of the global coronavirus pandemic delayed the movie's release three times before Warner Bros. settled on debuting the flick domestically on Labor Day weekend.
Major cities like New York and Los Angeles notably had theaters closed at the time, which more than likely played a factor in domestic box office earnings.
Source: Fox News