US appeals WTO ruling on tariffs on China

Oct 27, 2020

US appeals WTO ruling on tariffs on China

Tokyo (Japan), Oct 27: The United States is appealing a World Trade Organization decision that Washington's retaliatory tariffs on Chinese imports violate international trade rules.
The WTO announced on Monday that the US filed the appeal. But its appellate court is not functioning right now, due to a lack of judges.
The WTO has not been able to fill the openings because the US has rejected all new appointments.
Beijing has criticized Washington's move, claiming it is taking advantage of the court's current situation to prevent the ruling from becoming final.
The WTO last month rejected a US claim that China had violated intellectual-property rights. The organization said US officials failed to sufficiently justify their argument.
Beijing filed a complaint after the Trump administration imposed additional tariffs of 25 percent on Chinese goods in 2018.
Source: NHK World