Trump touts fracking policy in Pennsylvania rally, says Biden 'will shut it all down'

Oct 21, 2020

Trump touts fracking policy in Pennsylvania rally, says Biden 'will shut it all down'

Pennsylvania (USA) October 21: President Trump told backers at an Erie, Pa., rally Tuesday night that the battleground state is crucial to his chances of winning re-election, and his stance on fracking is crucial to the Keystone state.
"You know if we win Pennsylvania we win the whole thing," Trump said.
Trump spent the rally promoting his pro-fracking stance in comparison to his challenger, Democratic candidate Joe Biden's somewhat mercurial position on the subject.
"The Democrat Party hate fracking, they hate coal, good beautiful clean coal," Trump said Tuesday night. "They hate American energy and Joe Biden will shut it all down."
Trump used his rally in Erie to show why he thinks he would be better for American energy policy and used a portion of the event to show a campaign clip of Biden's and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris' stances on fracking.
The mashup of clips showed Biden saying "I guarantee you, we're going to end fossil fuels. No new fracking. I'd gradually move away from fracking."
Trump has taken issue with Biden's stance on fracking after the former vice president recently said he would not "ban fracking," but his energy policy does state that he intends to "move away" from the controversial energy practice.
Trump called his video debut a "Trump Broadway play," and told his supporters, "I had it done specifically for the people of Erie because you guys look like people who like energy, you like being energy independent."
Trump said that Biden would destroy American energy in an attempt to attack the middle class and gain a "socialist" foothold in the government.
Democrats are full of "hate and rage and scorn for the middle class, and for everybody," Trump claimed.
"Only by voting for me can you save your fracking in Pennsylvania," Trump said Tuesday night. "You are going to reject the radical left."
The president then referenced an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal that claimed if Biden were to be elected, the average American family could lose $6,500 a year in income. Trump said this was likely because "for the last 47 years Joe Biden has been outsourcing your jobs, offshoring your factories and selling out the American worker."
"And who knows it better than Pennsylvania?" Trump asked the crowd.
Source: Fox News