Sophia Loren, 86, reveals the reason she came out of retirement

Oct 17, 2020

Sophia Loren, 86, reveals the reason she came out of retirement

Washington DC (USA) Oct 17: At age 86, Sophia Loren is coming out of retirement.
After not appearing on the big screen for 10 years, the Oscar-winning actress is making her return to acting in a new movie titled "The Life Ahead."
The reason? The Netflix film was directed by her son Edoardo Ponti.
"He knows me so well," the Hollywood star told Closer Weekly for its latest issue, which is currently on newsstands.
"He knows every inch of my face, my heart, my soul," she shared.
According to the outlet, "The Life Ahead" stars Loren as Madame Rosa, a Holocaust survivor living on the Italian coastal of Bari. She forms a special friendship with Momo, a 12-year-old Senegalese immigrant boy.
Edoardo told the outlet that he wasn't surprised that such a role would move his famous mother.
"She wants to put it all on the line to make a movie that is so deep, so challenging, both emotionally and physically," said the 47-year-old.
For the Italian legend, family is everything. Loren has stayed in close contact with her sons Edoardo, as well as Carlo Jr. during the coronavirus pandemic. Loren, who lives in Geneva, was married to Carlo Ponti for 41 years until his death in 2007.
These days, Loren keeps busy by FaceTiming her loved ones.
"My approach to life is very simple," she explained. "Enjoy all the good news that my children tell me about their lives. The beauty of my grandchildren fills me with joy although they are far away in California."
One insider also told the outlet that Loren is hopeful she can visit her family in the United States next month. But for now, she fills her days with gardening, reading and long walks.
"[She also] has a loyal band of longtime friends that see her and take good care of her," the pal added.
Edoardo also revealed Loren is looking forward to the film's November release.
"The energy and passion with which she approaches every scene is a marvel to watch," he said.
Back in 2019, Loren told Fox News that "life" has been inspiring her.
"I find if you don't take the opportunity to do things at the right time, what are you waiting for?" she said at the time. "And my family inspires me. I have two beautiful children and they gave me grandchildren. So for me, I'm always surrounded by a great, great love every day. I think every day is an opportunity for life, to do something you want to do. That inspires me. You just love yourself and you love what you do."
Loren also revealed she was perfectly content living in Geneva.
"Geneva is very, very close to Italy so I am never far away," she said. "When I'm in Rome, I'm with my sister. But I chose Geneva a long time ago before I had my children because it was a very quiet place to live. And it's peaceful. But whenever I want to go to Italy, I just get on a train or plane and I'm there. And then I get to be with my sisters and my friends. Italy will always be in my heart."
Despite her decades-long career in Hollywood, don't expect Loren to reflect on her legacy anytime soon.
"Oh, it's a little bit too early to think about that. To be remembered? I'm still alive," she chuckled "I'm full of pep! I'm full of things I want to do. It's a little bit premature to think about that. No, no, no - it's too early."
Source: Fox News