Samsung, LG to battle in commercial air conditioner market with new products

Nov 21, 2020

Samsung, LG to battle in commercial air conditioner market with new products

Seoul (South Korea), November 21: South Korea's two largest appliance makers -- Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. -- have begun their duel in the commercial air conditioner market, industry observers said Saturday, as they released new products with upgraded design and features.
Samsung was the first one to make a move, launching its BESPOKE floor-standing air conditioner here on Nov. 1.
It was the first time that Samsung applied its concept of BESPOKE, which allows consumers to personalize designs of the products, on a commercial-use appliance.
The company previously released home-use refrigerators, laundry appliances and dish washers under the BESPOKE brand.
Samsung said the latest air conditioner comes in three colors -- prime pink, quiet gray and sage blue -- but it plans to expand color selections and sell a wide range of front panels separately next year so that users can have more design options.
The latest product supports both cooling and heating systems and allows users to feel breezes from up to 24 meters, it said.
LG launched its first commercial-use air conditioner with an air purification feature on Friday.
The product, which has upgraded laser dust sensors, offers 181 square meters of coverage area for air cleansing. Users can easily clean air filters, including a photocatalyst deodorizing filter, and reuse them, the company added.
LG's latest floor-standing air conditioner also provides both cooling and heating options. It can cool down a 131.8 square-meter area, while the coverage area for heating stands at 100 square meters.
The air conditioner, which will be sold for 3.9 million won (US$3,500) here, can be also remotely controlled with the LG ThinQ application on mobile devices with a Wi-Fi connection, LG said.
Source: Yonhap