Putin announces measures to cope with virus

Mar 26, 2020

Putin announces measures to cope with virus

Washington DC (USA), Mar 26: Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the nation to temporarily close businesses from Saturday through April 5 as part of efforts to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.
Putin made the announcement in a televised address on Wednesday following the confirmation that the virus is spreading in the country. Russia saw more than 100 new infections in a day for the first time bringing the total number of cases to 666.
The president said some neighboring countries have been seriously hit by the outbreak, and that it is impossible to completely block the virus from entering Russia.
He added government agencies, hospitals, pharmacies and stores, or banks and public transportation should remain open.
Putin also postponed a vote on constitutional amendments from April 22 to a later date.
Russia has so far confirmed infections mainly among people arriving from Italy and other European countries. Moscow has seen a sudden increase this week.
Source: NHK World