Pompeo: G7 recognizes China's 'disinformation'

Mar 26, 2020

Pompeo: G7 recognizes China's 'disinformation'

Washington DC (USA), Mar 26: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged China to disclose more details about the country's coronavirus outbreak, saying the Group of Seven is aware of the country's disinformation campaign.
Pompeo spoke to reporters on Wednesday following a teleconference of G7 foreign ministers.
He said, "The most pressing agenda item today was the Wuhan virus," citing the city's name where the outbreak first spread.
He added that remarks from senior people inside the Chinese Communist Party that the US brought the virus to China is "crazy talk."
Pompeo said, "There was a lot of discussion today among the G7 about the intentional disinformation campaign that China has been and continues to be engaged in."
He noted that every nation at the meeting was deeply aware of it.
The US has been engaged in a war of words with China over the new coronavirus pandemic.
Pompeo's remarks suggest he wanted to show that the US has the backing of the G7.
Source: NHK World