Paulina Porizkova posts makeup-free pic, says she feels 'insecure': 'Trying to come to terms with my aging'

Jul 07, 2020

Paulina Porizkova posts makeup-free pic, says she feels 'insecure': 'Trying to come to terms with my aging'

Washington (USA) July 7: Despite being an iconic model, Paulina Porizkova can feel insecure at times.
On Monday, Porizkova, 55, opened up on Instagram about feeling unhappy with the way she looks as she ages and how she's trying to get over those feelings.
In an attempt to boost her own confidence, the model shared a fresh-faced, makeup-free selfie taken after a restful evening.
"This is what 55 looks like- on a good day... Freshly rolled out of bed. Had a good nights sleep (for a change) after a lovely July 4 th weekend," she wrote in the caption. "But also waking up to tragic and sad news of the pandemic - a reminder that that happiness is a butterfly, it's only a perfect moment in time and like all else, it passes. Disturbing and comforting all at once - nothing good lasts- but nor does anything bad..."
After acknowledging the troubling upticks in reported coronavirus cases, Porizkova poked fun at herself by adding a few hashtags: "#fiftyfiveandcounting #betweenjloandbettywhite #nofilters #nofillers #nobotox YET!"
She went on to explain that her supermodel good looks aren't always enough for her.
"[By the way], posting this photo because I'm super insecure about my appearance- not proud of it! I may have body dysmorphia in the opposite direction: believing I look much better than I actually do," Porizkova admitted. "I'm so used to looking one way in photos, that this older me that stares back shocks me. By posting myself unaltered, I'm really trying to come to terms with my aging. I figure if I put the real ME out there, I'll get used to being older - eventually."
Furthermore, she added: "Also noteworthy- to fix impending jowls- smile."
The "Thursday" star received a plethora of support in the post's comments, with some followers sharing similar experiences while others assured Porizkova of her good looks.
"Welcome to my world!! I'm 64!! No idea I'm older looking!!" admitted a fan. "Lol I'm from Nicaragua so yes! Wrinkle free thanks to my genes!!"
"You look classic and beautiful!" said another. "Your posts help me cope as the wrinkles settle in and I get hung up about age. The turkey neck thing is real."
"You look great! Nothing gold can stay- as Robert Frost's poem tells us- but we can cherish that 'gold' while it's here," added a third. "Which is no easy feat sometimes, with everything that goes on in our daily lives. We can, however, try to take the time to do so. Love your posts! Very insightful."
Another fan wrote: "The reason I follow you is because you are so darn likeable. We all have our insecurities (especially aging women). Trust me, you look lovely in the morning. Do you look like you did at 20, 30 or 40? No, none of us do, but you have such an elegant loveliness that any woman would be proud look the way you do at 55 years of age."
This isn't the first time Porizkova has taken to social media to share a bare-faced selfie with her fans.
In May, the model shared a makeup-free picture with her followers, revealing that this is "what I actually look like" in the morning. And in January, she took to social media to post a snapshot of the "real true me."
Source: Fox News