New Jersey father, son accuse Murphy of 'picking winners and losers' after their shop is shut down

May 22, 2020

New Jersey father, son accuse Murphy of 'picking winners and losers' after their shop is shut down

New Jersey (USA) May 22: The father-son owners of a Jersey Shore gift shop slammed Democratic New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday after their shop was shut down by the state, despite meeting the governor's stated criteria of selling "essential" items.
"There hasn't been a follow-up yet," Daniel Hume said. "We are working on that. We are seeking interpretation, a better explanation, because right now it just seems that the governor is picking winners and losers."
Daniel Hume and his father Larry operate Sunset Beach Gift Shop in Cape May. They told host Tucker Carlson they were shut down by Trenton officials who told them they "didn't meet the cut."
"I don't know if it's because we are primarily a retail and gift store that we don't get to earn a paycheck or provide for our families," Daniel Hume said. "I don't know."
"We thought, in fact, we were obeying the law, selling 25 percent of the essential products," Larry Hume added.
"We actually have only sold essential products, and according to the governor's own executive order issued about businesses being allowed to remain open, he said any businesses that sell food are considered essential," Daniel Hume continued.
"So that was our reasoning for opening back up."
Larry Hume previously told WPG Radio that many of the items in his store can also be found at local Wawas -- which remain open.
Dan Hume suggested the lockdown orders have morphed into a concerted "hollowing-out of the average American." In his telling, while "big-box" chains are given breaks, officials point small proprietors toward a government handout instead of allowing them to operate a business.
Host Tucker Carlson asked rhetorically whether Murphy, previously a high-paid Goldman Sachs executive, would treat that institution as a "non-essential" business.
"Not at all," one of the Humes responded.
"I have a feeling Goldman Sachs is essential in New Jersey," Carlson concurred.
Source: Fox News