Indonesia to provide 28 mln vaccine doses against foot-and-mouth disease

Jun 23, 2022

Indonesia to provide 28 mln vaccine doses against foot-and-mouth disease

Jakarta (Indonesia), June 23: A total of 28 million doses of vaccines will be provided for livestock across Indonesia in a bid to overcome the re-emergence of the deadly foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), a minister said here on Wednesday.
The budget for the livestock vaccination campaign is being prepared, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs AirlanggaHartarto said, adding that the government has imported at least 3 million vaccine doses and distributed them to the worst affected regions.
"We will continue to increase the number up to 28 million vaccine doses. Healthy animals are vaccinated while sick animals are treated," said the minister.
As of Tuesday, the viral disease has spread across 208 municipalities in 19 provinces. More than 210,000 animals were reportedly infected and at least 1,266 animals died from the disease, according to official data from the National FMD Task Force.
More than 67,000 animals have recovered as the authorities deployed thousands of veterinary paramedics and distributed medicines, antibiotics, vitamins, immune boosters as well as disinfecting agents to livestock farmers.
Meanwhile, 1,571 livestock animals have been vaccinated with the imported vaccines.
The Agriculture Ministry is currently developing its own vaccines to overcome the crisis and expects they will be ready in late July or late August.
Source: Xinhua